OK's Universities have top petroleum and geology programs - 5/1/2015

Did you know that our state is also home to some of the top university programs in the country in geology, petroleum engineering and energy management? 

University of Oklahoma – Mewbourne School of Petroleum & Geological Engineering  
Founded in 1927, The Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering is consistently rated among the top five petroleum engineering programs in the country. The School has placed 100 percent of the students graduating with a bachelor's degree for the past several years. MPGE graduates also command the top average starting salary for OU Norman campus graduates. 

As a leading petroleum research institution, the Melbourne school has attracted an eminent faculty. Five faculty members have received the Society of Petroleum Engineering's Distinguished Achievement Award and three have served SPE as Distinguished Lecturers. Eight OU graduates have served as president of SPE. 

Oklahoma State University - Boone Pickens School of Geology  

The School is home to the Devon Visualization Facility, a new world-class computing teaching facility with 2D and 3D graphical modeling and projection equipment, as well as remote uplink capabilities. The laboratory includes an advanced graphics station, screens, projectors and Ethernet links enabling the use of cutting-edge technology with real-time and high-speed Internet access. In addition, two-way communication between the laboratory and Devon research teams is achieved through the use of SMART Boards to enhance interaction between Devon geoscientists and OSU students and faculty. 

The University of Tulsa- McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering  
The McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering enjoys an excellent national and international reputation. While teaching a balanced petroleum engineering curriculum, the school also is committed to discovery of new concepts and technologies in the areas of drilling, production, and reservoir engineering utilizing unique experimental facilities. 

With growth in oil and natural gas drilling and production expected to continue over the next several decades, the industry will continue to need highly trained and skilled workers such as engineers, geologists and energy management professionals. Oklahoma's universities are working hard to fill the industry's coming needs - providing today's students with the knowledge and training needed to provide tomorrow's energy.