Okies are Consumers

The state ranked 12th in the nation recently for energy consumed per capita according to a study called Regionally, Texas was fifth, Kansas ranked 15th and Arkansas ranked 17th.

Oklahomans used 400 million btus per capita in 2008. Nearly three-fourths of that was electric power generated using natural gas and coal. Another 64 million btus was used in the form of gasoline.

In fact, Oklahoma ranks high across the board in consumption per capita in all types of energy used:

- 12th for total energy consumption

- 10th for total petroleum consumption

- 13th for motor gasoline consumption

- 4th for natural gas consumption

- 16th for coal consumption

EnergyTrends also compared past energy use data to current consumption. Looking at a five year period – 2003 to 2008 – data shows Oklahoma’s total energy consumption overall increased three percent per capita.

However, in that five-year period, natural gas electricity generation increased by 49 percent, hydroelectric generation increased by 104 percent and wind generation increased by 4,093 percent. Generation by petroleum and coal decreased by a combined 91 percent.

EnergyTrends was compiled by the Lexington Institute using U.S. Department of Energy statistics. The Institute says EnergyTrends is intended to provide readily available, helpful information and feedback to help Americans make informed decisions about their energy use.