TPS Finishes CNG Switch

Tulsa Public Schools has partnered with Guthrie-based NGV Fleet Partners to convert all 177 of its buses that currently run on diesel to compressed natural gas. Ray Tuttle from the Journal Record reports that the move is expected to save the school district $750,000 to $1 million a year.

A combination of state and federal tax credits and grants will help pay for the $51,500 conversion costs. The National Association of Pupil Transportation helped secure another $5 million in stimulus funds to pay for other conversions at TPS and other schools across the country.

The Tulsa school district tried a test conversion in 2007 with just one bus, and because of successful results made a decision to move forward with the conversion of the other 176 buses.

TPS Transportation director Ottway Burkhalter told the Journal Record this:

“Our objective is to convert the buses to a clean energy source in order to reduce increasingly high annual transportation costs. We want to reduce the district’s carbon footprint.”