CNG Available in Edmond

The city of Edmond will soon be rolling out the first city fleet vehicle that run on compressed natural gas. Six city buses will be converted to run on CNG using federal stimulus grants to buy both the buses and the conversion kits.

City officials expect to save about $38,000 annually on fuel.

City leaders say the recent building of a fast-fill CNG station on Broadway is way really moved this conversion forward. Before, it was not cost-effective for the city to install its own slow-fill facility. Now, the On-Cue station at 800 S. Broadway allows the city and any school districts or universities using CNG, to fill up a bus in about 20 minutes.

In a recent story in the Oklahoman Edmond’s community development manager said:

“It’s a win-win situation. We are now going to be able to save the taxpayers some money,” said Shannon Entz.