Global Gas Push

As efforts to “go green” spread worldwide, the U.S. government is looking to one world industrial power to tap into America’s abundant natural gas to fuel climate solutions.

The U.S. State Department is pitching natural gas to China and India as a strong alternative to using coal for power generation. And, due to recent advancements in drilling and hydraulic fracturing in America, the State Department feels our country has enough natural gas right now to export.

“If gas is cheap, plentiful and available to countries like China and India – they have a choice versus coal – it’s competitive on a cost basis, and the climate implications are huge,” said David Goldwyn, State’s coordinator for international energy affairs.

And, natural gas may not just be abundant here in the U.S. Geologists have been studying the rock formation beneath Europe and Asia and believe giant deposits may lie beneath their lands as well.

Gas produces half the carbon emissions as coal during electricity generation. The State Department says if Chinese power companies that rely on coal switch to natural gas, doing so would have significant effect on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.