Oil and Natural Gas Industry Leading Oklahoma Toward Better Days

This week, the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board launched a new campaign called “Better Days,” which touts the benefits of energy independence, particularly to young women and mothers. The main message is that the oil and natural gas industry, and ultimately energy independence, will create a better future for their children.

Research has shown that women ages 25 to 40, many of whom are mothers, are highly concerned with educational and career opportunities for their children. Considering one of every six jobs in Oklahoma is supported by the oil and natural gas industry, the “Better Days” campaign is showing these mothers that the industry can provide a secure job for their children close to home.

The campaign also highlights the fact that the industry has – and will continue to – invest millions of dollars in student education programs, as well as continue to pursue more environmentally friendly processes. Through the OERB, Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry has invested nearly $28 million in student education. 

The campaign includes both 30 and 60-second commercials using all local talent, a website and social media components. The campaign has a special emphasis on Facebook and other social media applications, due to their widespread use among young mothers. The campaign commercials and elements can be viewed at