Oil and Natural Gas Industry: Creating Future Jobs for our Children

Energy Independence means relying less on foreign oil and natural gas imports, and keeping more money at home. But what does Energy Independence mean for future generations in Oklahoma? It means more jobs, economic stability and growth and increased government revenue, both now and in the future.

IHS, a global market and economic information company, estimates 3 million people will be employed by the oil and natural gas industry by 2020, up from about 1.5 million today. That means more opportunities for the state’s future workforce, our children. These jobs will be created in existing oil and natural gas businesses and a rise in what IHS is calling a “manufacturing renaissance.” Economists say both domestic and foreign companies are already starting to invest in and open new oil and natural gas facilities in the U.S.

The rise in high-quality jobs will also mean a better quality of life. According to IHS, household income will increase by more than $2,700 over the next several years, thanks to oil and natural gas production. In fact, the oil and natural gas industry will boost not only personal incomes but also the economy on both state and national levels.

The oil and natural gas industry is already a vital part of progress in Oklahoma. This investment in our state means an investment in the future. More jobs at home, across all aspects of the oil and natural gas field, will create opportunities for today’s youth to thrive. There are better days ahead, thanks to the rise in domestic oil and natural gas production. Learn more at