Oklahomans work together bringing energy independence to America. - 11/13/2014


With a unified commitment to energy independence, job creation and environmental stewardship, Oklahomans are proudly leading the nation to energy self-sufficiency.

Years ago, Oklahomans took the lead in developing technology and processes to extract oil and natural gas from tight shale. Today, as the 4th largest producer of natural gas and the 5th largest producer of oil in the United States, Oklahoma is helping reduce the nation’s energy imports.  U.S. imports are at 17-year low and could be near zero by 2030. 


Beyond helping America become energy independent, Oklahoma production creates thousands of jobs statewide. That translates into increased economic security for Oklahoma families. One out of every 5 jobs in the state is supported by Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas industry. Oklahoma’s unemployment rate is currently 33 percent lower than the rest of the nation’s, which is something we can all take pride in.   


Oklahoma is an undisputed leader in energy with a rich history of innovation.  For the second year in a row, Oklahoma has been rated the number one place in the world for oil and natural gas investment. This wealth of knowledge, experience and leadership will help us drive production and expansion of domestic natural resources for generations to come.


As Oklahomans, we can hold our heads high. We’re helping to lead an energy revolution that’s proving North American energy independence possible. Watch the OERB’s newest television spot to see the progress we’re making.